Right way to Pick the Location for First Investment Property in Moti Nagar

If you are a newbie investor in real estate and planning for residential investment, then always mull over some points that are necessary to check before buying property.

Given below are 7 major points that you should consider before investment: –

Location and types of Neighbourhood

Location and types of Neighbourhood

If you are planning for investment then always think about the location of the project, where you can get all the advantages close to you. A good location always brings plenty of opportunities such as good connectivity, infrastructure, and availability of retails, and so on.

Such types of location are quite preferable amongst home buyers that is why always choose a robust location where you will get all the above-mentioned facilities and that would strengthen your investment.

Population Growth

Population Growth

This is the most important factor in investment, if your motive is to gather higher capital appreciation then you must invest in areas where people are moving in not out. Before taking any decision you can ask your real estate agent about the area where most shopping activity and other growth-related factors are occurring more because such type of area attracts more home demands.

Nearby Amenities

On a similar note, most of the properties are not even close to nearby amenities. But in the case of DLF One Midtown, you will not only get a tranquil ambiance to live in but also will get all social amenities nearby. At this development, everything is just at a walkable distance. Furthermore, hardly it takes 20 minutes to drive to reach the airport.

Social Infrastructures

Social infrastructure also comes on this list. An area with robust social as well as physical infrastructure always boosts property value. It is a sign that such an area offers better liveability.

Public Transportation

Public Transportation

It is another important factor while buying a residential property. Availability of public transportation nearby a residential property attracts higher demands. This advantage means to get easy service of metro, bus, and rail it boosts the potential renters.


Renters always look for such a type of property where they get all social amenities within walking distance. If you’re in a market where not all homes are walkable to stores, parks, public transportation, and other such destinations, but yours is, it can be a big selling point.

Crime Rates

A safe neighborhood is the most important factor in home buying; it is the common priority of renters as well. So before deciding on investment property it is ideal to check local crime data in the neighborhood. You can use any resource available on the internet to check the crime rate in that particular area.