How To Make Your Home Eco Friendly In 2022?

Advancements in education, research and technology have taught us how to protect the earth. By taking those small steps we can create an eco-friendlier environment for us. Many people are committing to protecting the environment and also giving efforts on it and now it is easier than we can follow those steps in our life to lead a healthy green life. There are many advantages of eco-friendly living, it not only helps you save time and money but protect your health and reduces environmental impact. It also, improve indoor air quality, green building aids people to live a more resource-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Let’s take a look at those reasons.

Reasons to build an eco-friendly home

Reduce Environmental Impact

A green home impacts positively on nature and the environment. Using energy-efficient, renewable or recycled materials lessens the impact of pollution. Further, a green home produces fewer carbon emissions through efficient energy use and promotes a sustainable standard of living. To see its greater impact all we need to follow small steps towards sustainability in our home now as mentioned above.

  • Save Money & Time

Building an eco-friendly home not only saves your money but your time as well. Using the right -eco-friendly building material is environmental friendly and it cost a little less that will suit anyone’s budget. Green home kits offer prefabricated building options designed to green specifications that can save in on-site construction hours and final finishing.

Additionally, it can save a lot of money. By using energy-efficient sources such as solar panels, photovoltaic cells of geothermal heating you can trim the electricity bill.

  • Protect Your Health

Traditional buildings are not optimal for health, the presence of irritants and toxicants ( Volatile organic compounds ) in paints, plastics, building materials, and indoor products are harmful. Some traditional materials also encourage moisture build-up, which can lead to toxic mold or fungus problems.
Both VOCs and molds can cause outdoor air pollution problems. Choosing non-VOC and moisture-resistant products, as well as installing systems enhance air quality, protects your health and environmental health at the same time.

How to Make your home eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly home design refers to houses that are constructed by leveraging materials that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Proper use of eco-friendly materials in a housing design is the most significant way in which it can affect positively the environment.

In other words, if you are building an eco-friendly home, be sure that the design is such that your descendants and nature will be eternally thankful to you.

Make use of the appropriate equipment and materials

Many think that being environmentally conscious means purchasing low-cost goods, but it’s not like that. Take an inventory of your electrical appliances and determine whether they are eco-friendly construction materials and energy-efficient.

Go one step ahead by using new highly rated and energy-efficient appliances and this can be followed while you buy an ac, washing machine, refrigerator, oven, etc.

Materials for construction and flooring

Since there are so many choices the selection of eco-friendly construction material is a daunting task. The market has a wide variety of tiles and marbles are available that generally use for flooring work. To prevent your home from carbon impact you can use laminated wood, vitrified tiles (heat replant), slate tiles are to name a few.

Lower heating from windows

Reduces the size of window glasses on the east and west or use double-sized glasses to lower heating. The majority of your energy usage will be devoted to cooling your home during this time period. It is possible to keep a home cool without relying on the HVAC system by the eco-friendly house designs with excellent cross-ventilation, employing double-glazed windows to keep out the sunshine, and utilizing exterior cladding that is intended to retain its cool temperature for eco-friendly architecture.

Invest in energy-saving technologies to reduce your carbon footprint

The use of greywater collection is an excellent option to explore for eco-friendly house construction. It collects the wastage water that runs from your sinks and kitchen counters which you can utilize for washing your car or can use in the cisterns.

Also, it can be utilized in rainfall harvesting, you can water plants and even can use it for cleaning purposes. The technology for solar power is continuously developing, allowing you to become fully energy independent supplied by a sustainable source and eco-friendly construction.

How Eco-friendly home save your money in 2022?

How Eco-friendly home save your money in 2022?

The following are some of the eco-friendly measures by which one can save the planet as well as one’s wallet.

Advantage of LED

Advantage of LED

LED is 50% more energy-efficient than CFL bulbs and 88% more productive. In the 2019-20 budget, the Finance Minister revealed that by providing 143 crores LED bulbs Indian household has saved up to Rs 50,000Cr. in electricity bills.

Solar is the Key

Solar is the key

India has the unique distinction of being the lowest cost procedure of solar power of $793 per KW as per a recent report by IRENA. Because the county is close to the Equator that receives abundant sunlight, it would be best for India to adopt solar energy as a reliable power source. Solar PV systems are a great source of power supply and are almost used in every next family in India.

Price advantage

Green homes offer quality living space. They also help you save money. If you live in a green building, you save on things such as power and air-conditioning. For example, a good design can reduce the use of air-conditioning. A green building can lower energy consumption by 30-50% and water consumption by 30-70%.

Eco Apartments

Eco-friendly homes Design are not just for people building independent houses. As awareness grows, an increasing number of builders are offering “eco-friendly” apartments and villas for instance DLF Capital Greens. An IGBC certified residential project.

Green Edge

An eco-friendly home also helps you get loans at cheaper rates. State Bank of India charges lower interest rates for the first three years for loans taken to purchase properties in green projects which reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy. You also get other incentives from the bank.