Planning to Buy Your First Home in Delhi? Here’s Your Checklist

If you are looking for your first home in Delhi, then there are so many things which we should investigate before making a final decision because sometimes less considered factors lead to the biggest impact on your day-to-day living — things like the amount of daylight inside the rooms, the position of the windows & doors and many other little but huge impacted things. Now we are describing a few things to look for — and happy house searching!

Size of the rooms:

size of rooms

Always choose your home size which is fit for your needs with consideration of a number of family members, furniture, and other aspects – not too big or not too small.

Interior designing & floor planning:

interior design

Like indoor-outdoor movement and sizes of the rooms, this can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life. Always neglect the homes with sharp turns & narrow passages between lobbies & rooms, because it can give you trouble while you move your heavy furniture.

Size & Placement of the Doors & Windows:

You can obviously insert and shift your windows & doors, but it is an expansive and disturbing change in your house. So always look for a home with wide-open windows and smartly placed doors.

Abundant daylight in different phases of the day:

It is a most important feature, with a normal visit, possibly you cannot judge any open house. For this, you have to make a contenders list with the first visit, make appointments for the second visit at a different time of day. This will give you an actual estimate of daylight in the homes.

The orientation of the Homes:

The position of the home very much affects how much daylight light it gets and can control heat and electricity bills as well. For example, a south-facing home will give you abundant daylight, while a north-facing home gives just brightness if the home has wide-open windows. But north-facing homes with high ceilings may be preferable to keep your house cooler in the summer season.

Features in the kitchen:

Ask your wife to make a wish list for the kitchen, where she spends most of the time. You should give full consideration to the factors like Appliances, Cabinets & Countertops, Floorings, lightings, Sinks, Tile & Ventilation etc.


Generally, home seekers are already very much familiar with the location where they are going to buy a home, but have they actually considered all the important points of their prospective new neighborhood? Schools, Colleges & Institutes are obviously important for families with children, and proximity to work and other day-to-day necessities. But the main thing is how walkable your neighborhood is from the library, clubhouse, community center, banks, etc. and what social infrastructure is available.


The last but most important fact is the builder or developer of the property. If the developer is disreputable then you will get a bad construction quality home and delay in possession. But if the builder is like DLF then you will get the best home at the best price Just like Capital Greens in Moti Nagar Delhi. But these residential apartments are now completely sold out. If you want to enjoy the same benefits of this community then we have good news for you. DLF Developers again launched their new residential project just next to Capital Greens Community as DLF One Midtown in Moti Nagar.