Tips to Start Balcony Garden in Your Apartments

If you’re living in an apartment somewhere in a city, like I do, having a balcony gives you a chance to enjoy time outdoors. Your balcony can become your oasis. Whether it is small or a little large it gives a cozy look to a home. Enables to spend time outdoors without having to leave home. Everyone has one favorite spot at home, for me, it is always the balcony. I thought this is a relaxing place after a tedious day with a coffee mug in hand enjoying the view of the open sky and listening to birds chirping and the feeling is just incredible. A perfect place to distress. There are multiple benefits of having a balcony in the apartment which directly affect your perception and health as well. I always admired having a garden in my home and I choose a balcony as the safest place to implement that idea. I do almost many DIY related to that and within a couple of hours of effort, I’ve given my home balcony a whole new look.

Balcony Garden Tips

Nowadays, apartments are coming with balconies and a lot of people use the space as storage but you can do more with a balcony. Turn your balcony into a mini garden and feel the aesthetic vibes. Having a balcony garden can help you endeavor your dream. Do not leave it untouched rather use your skill and turn the space into something new, make a balcony garden for yourselves. Whether the space is small or large just give effort and turn the whole space into a whole new look. You can surf small balcony plant ideas on the net and can take the help of it.

In the apartment, a balcony garden should be mandatory it is completely depending on you how you can renovate the balcony area. Because in a whole apartment balcony is the only area where you can show some creativity. You can grow flowers, plants, and vegetables and the colorful look of the balcony is indeed bliss.

Moreover, implementing apartment balcony garden ideas increases the quality of apartment living and adds value to apartments in case of resale or rental income, DLF Capital Greens impressive balcony garden is the best instance of it.

Tips To Decorate A Balcony Garden

If you are quite creative and wish to change the look of your balcony then change the area with some love and care with the help of plants, soil, and water, and within a few months you will be able to see a whole new change.

Here are some tips for decorating a balcony garden

Be Mindful in Buying the Container

Be Mindful in Buying the Container

In the market you’ll get a variety of planters like terra cotta pots, fiberglass and plastic, buy the planters according to your requirement, ensure that the containers you plan to use are compatible with the growth habits of your plants. Make sure the container has adequate drainage as well.

Use the Proper Soil

Use the Proper Soil

Use the best quality soil for plant growth. Use potting soil, which is also called container mix. It is aerated, sterile, lightweight and made of organic materials and some minerals which are essential for plants growth. These kinds of soil are lightweight, cover the soil with mulch.

Be Slow in Watering

 slow in watering

Once the garden is set up, don’t rush to pour water, you have to be very careful while watering the plants. Make sure the water should penetrate the soil and will be completely drenched up to the bottom of the container. Excessive watering may spoil the quality of the plants. So, watering plants is a very crucial step while gardening.

Use the Railing and ceilings

If your balcony has less space, use the railings of your balcony to hang the beautiful planters. You can use clay pots, ceramic pots, plastic pots. You can use creepers plants to give the area a whole new look. you can use a hanging basket for a more alluring look.

Use low maintenance plant

If you are a beginner and love gardening then you can grow a low-maintenance plant on your balcony, you can grow herbs like Tulsi, Mint, Basil and Aloe vera is the best option. Philodendron Birkin, Snake Plant, Spider Plant will bring a new feel to your balcony garden.

Use garden furniture to give a more impressive look

To give the balcony garden more attractive you can set up the area with some sitting furniture. Install one or more comfortable chairs and enjoy countless hours out on your balcony. This can be a nice place to be alone and get some reading done.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the balcony garden ideas that will transform your balcony from drab to fab. Balcony gardening requires less maintenance. Just trim the plants once a week, use fertilizers and water them when required.

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