Top 10 Best Sports Club In Dubai

Dubai is always known for its luxury lifestyle, serene landscape and dining hubs. But Dubai isn’t limited to that; Dubai offers communities, entertainment and food and sports options with a blend of luxury and convenience. Dubai has been a center of attraction for the worth it holds, one of the most evolving and highly maintained city – state in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Food, Real Estate, Maritime and Sports industries there have been experiencing a severe growth and development over the years.

Dubai Sports City is one of the leading projects located in Dubai leading with a vision by Abdul Rahim Al Zarooni and Abdulrahman Falaknaz, Developed by Dubai Sports City LLC respectively. This project is expanded over 50 million square feet and offers residential properties with spacious and luxury Townhouses and Villas, Retail outlets in Malls, and Entertainment options too with aesthetic cafes, restaurants and sports academics spreaded over respectively. Both offer such pretty aesthetics cafes with spacious luxurious interiors and serene beauty. Dubai aims to create a destination which has all the amenities and facilities available related to leisure, fun and entertainment, fooding options and sports.

Detailed Evolving History of Sports Club in Dubai

History of sports clubs in Dubai is very inspiring and insightful to watch from an audience’s or native’s perspective. The journey of sports clubs in Dubai reflects the United Arab Emirates transformation into a global hub for sports and aspiring talents. We’ll look at the richness of sports clubs history in key phases :

Early Influences (Pre 20th Century) –

The United Arab Emirate’s rich history of sports clubs can be traced through the traditional Arabian activities before the 20th century. Natives of UAE’s used to engage in sports activities such as camel riding, horseback riding, and more. These all were part of their culture and heritage before the 20th century. However, the sports which we know today didn’t exist during that period.

Emergence of Immigrants Communities (Mid-20th Century) –

Dubai started to attract immigrant communities, particularly during the mid 20th century which proved as a boon to Dubai’s economy. Dubai’s economy started to flourish above the belt when immigrant communities started settling in Dubai. They brought their love for sports, sporting events, sports championships and sports clubs too. This catered to people of similar interest and passion on the same plate, sports clubs and academies started to flourish there.

Foundation of First Sports Club

Dubai Exiles Rugby Club, founded in 1960’s was the very first sports club in the history of sports clubs in Dubai. It plays a significant role in introducing organized rugby and modern sports culture to the United Arab Emirates, during that time UAE wasn’t introduced to modern sports. It was founded by a group of immigrant communities sharing a similar passion for Rugby. It was named as ‘EXILES’ because it was founded by immigrant communities settled in Dubai.

Establishment of Emirates Golf Club

In the history of sports clubs in Dubai, tables turned through the establishment and development of Emirates Golf Club in 1988. It began to attract people across the world and set a standard as a World class golf facility which laid the foundation for Dubai as a leisure and sports oriented destination. This club even hit a benchmark in 1989 by hosting the Dubai Desert Classic which attracted international attention to Dubai just in a year.

Development of Sports City

The early 2000’s was the phase of expansion for sports clubs in Dubai. Dubai Sports City, a massive developed sports complex was evolving and developing featuring Dubai International Stadium within it. Dubai Sports City proved as one of the most leading sports oriented communities in Dubai, it even hosted some majorly popular sports events across the globe such as Dubai World Cup and Dubai Tennis Championships.

Growth of Sports Clubs in Dubai

Over the last decades, Dubai is constantly expanding and evolving in terms of sports clubs especially. This City invested a huge chunk of amount and efforts in making sports clubs and communities based out of sports oriented themes, Dubai Sports City is one such living example. Looking ahead, Dubai could be seen hosting major international sports events and championships.

Top 10 Sports Clubs of Dubai –

As we discussed and mentioned above, Dubai is constantly expanding and evolving in terms of sports industry and interest. It has now become a hub for international sports and academies. Dubai offers a wide range of options in terms of clubs. Here, we would be discussing top 10 of them :

  • Dubai Sports Club
  • Dubai Sports City is a boon for all sports enthusiasts and aspiring talents in Dubai. It offers a wide range of sporting activities and events such as tennis, swimming, squash and a fully equipped fitness center. The charm of the club is the championship golf course which hosts international tournaments and attracts international attention. You can learn and practice your favourite sports under the stunning view of Dubai’s skyline.

Dubai Creek Golf –

Dubai Creek Golf is located along the picturesque Dubai Creek, it is a paradise for golfers. It has an 18 hole course to challenge golfers of all skill levels, it helps them learn and practice in difficulties with ease. It also has multiple restaurants, a gym, swimming pools and more. It is a full package of recreational destinations.

Emirates Golf Club

Emirates Golf Club, generally famous as home to Omega Dubai Desert Classic, It is another heaven for golf enthusiasts and passionates. The club is famous for two championship courses including the iconic Majlis course. Alongside gold, people can learn and practice tennis, swimming, badminton and such more.

Dubai Polo And Equestrian Club –

It is one of the leading sports clubs specifically famous for the people sharing passion for Equestrian and Polo. It offers world class polo fields and riding facilities. Visitors can enjoy and learn from thrilling polo matches.

Dubai Offshore Sailing Club –

Dubai Offshore Sailing Club is located near Dubai’s coastal location which helps making it a perfect place for water sports. Members of this club can have access to the sailing lessons, learn from it or simply enjoy the serene water view of the Arabian Gulf.

Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC) –

DIMC is a perfect destination for marine sports in Dubai. It hosts international powerboats events and helps aspiring talents to learn and practice water sports activities such as jet skiing, fishing and such more. DIMC offers professional assistance for passionate learners.

Dubai Sports World –

Dubai Sports World is a leading temporary sports facility that only opens up in the summer months. It offers indoor and outdoor courts for sports activities such as basketball, volleyball, tennis and such more. It also hosts majorly popular sports events and training camps for aspiring talents. These all make it a perfect place for sports enthusiasts and athletes.

The Els Club Dubai –

This club was curated and designed by golf legend Ernie Els, this club is widely popular for the professional coaches and training with luxurious facilities. It offers exclusive experience of learning and practicing golf surrounded by desert landscape.

Dubai Kartdrome –

Dubai Kartdrome is a leading place to be. It features an outdoor karting track and a nice featured indoor ground. It also hosts some majorly popular Kartdrome championships and events.

Address Montgomerie Dubai –

Address Montgomerie Dubai is one of the oldest sports clubs in Dubai with wide facilities available there. It offers swimming pools, tennis court, fitness centre, badminton court and more for their visitors. It is a family friendly environment having activities for all ages and generations. These all make the Address Montgomerie Dubai a versatile and oldest leading club of Dubai.

Each of these clubs are well known and have reputated history in terms of sports. It offers a unique blend of facilities, experience and training which often cater people sharing the same passion or interest for sports on the same plate. Athletes, aspiring talents and such more are always welcome here for training and practice purposes. All these clubs include top notch facilities and amenities and also hosts various sports events and championships every year and so.

Conclusion –

We have discussed the detailed introduction and rich history of sports in Dubai. We also discussed Dubai’s majorly popular sports oriented project named ‘Dubai Sports City’. Also, we have discussed 10 most leading sports clubs in Dubai with top notch facilities and training on priority list.
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